Buddies Spend Christmas In Jail After Shooting Incident

A pair of men, who are ostensibly good friends, ended up spending Christmas in jail after one smacked the other upside the head with a carpenter’s level and the other retaliated by shooting him with a shotgun.

On Christmas Eve at about 6:23 p.m., Troup County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to the 3100 block of West Point Road in reference to two Aggravated Assaults, with one person reportedly shot.

Deputies arrived and learned from the shooting victim, Mitchell Hinson, that his friend, Jeffrey Mark Crenshaw, had shot him.

Further investigation into the incident revealed Hinson and Crenshaw had gotten into an altercation at a liquor store on West Point Road after driving to the location together around 5 p.m. Investigators advised the two got into a fight outside the liquor store and Hinson struck Crenshaw over the head with a four foot long metal carpenter’s level.

The incident caused a large gash in the forehead of Crenshaw, but eventually the two stopped fighting enough to ride back home together. Along the way still bleeding from the head, Crenshaw reportedly stated, ‘when we get home I am going to shoot you.’

Sure enough, once they arrived home on Martin Drive, Crenshaw retrieved a 12 gauge shotgun and shot his friend, Hinson.

Fortunately, the shotgun was loaded with birdshot and it was fired from a significant distance, so Hinson only suffered non-fatal wounds.

Crenshaw later advised deputies that he wasn’t going to let anyone attack him in such a manner without retaliating. Sheriff’s Investigators noted Crenshaw did have a large gash on the left side of his head near the forehead, which required stitches.

Both subjects were transported to the Wellstar West Georgia Medical Center for emergency treatment for their injuries sustained during the altercations.

After they were released from the hospital, the two were arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where they were booked into the jail on various charges.

Crenshaw, age 52, was charged with Aggravated Assault with a Gun, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and Possession of a Firearm During the Commission of a Crime.

Hinson, age 53, was charged with one count of Aggravated Assault with a Weapon.

As of press time, both subjects are currently being held at the Troup County Jail on bond.

This incident is still under investigation by the Troup County Sheriff’s Office.

If anyone has any further information on this incident, please contact investigators at the Troup County Sheriff’s Office at 706-883-1616 or the Troup County Crime Stoppers at 706-812-1000.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer