Graduates Find Meaning Through Circles Of Troup County

Circles of Troup County, a local non-profit organization that focuses on poverty prevention, not only teaches participants about budgeting and career goals, but also provides family support that gives participants the opportunity to build self-confidence.

Teara Harris didn’t come from a long line of educated women. In fact, each generation of women before Teara never completed high school, but she had bigger dreams. “I wanted a career and to live comfortably,” she said. However, finding the right tools and resources was difficult for Teara. She didn’t have the academic and emotional support that many children have. “I never had a mom to say, ‘You can do it,’” she explained. “I had to figure it out on my own.” Without the maternal encouragement Teara needed, she found herself battling low self-esteem.

But things started looking up once Teara finally accomplished what no other woman in her family had accomplished before: she received her high school diploma and had plans to attend college. “It felt good to complete something that people said I would never be able to because I had dyslexia,” Teara said. “God sent a plan for me.”

Teara now has an Associate’s Degree and is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree. She is in a healthy relationship and has a steady career.

Teara thanks Circles of Troup County for being such an important blessing and encouragement for her. She encourages everyone to “Try Circles – you have nothing to lose but everything to gain because they will not give up on you. [They will] laugh and cry with you, but you will not be alone. Your life will change for the better.”

With the newfound resources and tools Circles has provided for Teara, she inspires everyone to live life to the fullest.

Teara wasn’t the only alumni from Circle’s ninth graduation who struggled with self-esteem. Fredmethia Dunn. After an unhealthy relationship and the loss of an unborn child, Fredmethia saw no way out of the tough reality she faced each day. “This became the darkest time of my life,” said Fredmethia. “…I considered suicide.”

But something, or Someone, stopped Fredmethia from making that decision: “It felt like God said, ‘Consider your time,’.” Trusting God and His plan was hard for Fredmethia. Battling depression and the fear of carrying another child took a toll on her, emotionally and physically.

Two children and 12weeks of Circles classes later, Fredmethia has found the fearless self-assurance that she had been looking for all along. When asked about Circles, she says: “It was the best decision because I have gained selfconfidence.”

Fredmethia now has plans to start college and looks forward to new, enjoyable career opportunities that allow her to provide for her family.

Along with Circles of Troup County, Troup County News encourages Teara and Fredmethia to uphold their confidence and continue pursuing their dreams.

Peyton Hanners Staff Writer