New Ventures Inc. Sets Safety Record

Facility caps off 2 years of No lost time accidents

New Ventures recently celebrated two years of no lost time accidents…

“We are very proud of the safety-conscious attitude our associates and trainees show each day. We are training individuals for the region and they know that in order to work in industry, safety is a priority” says Plant Manager Tim Monteith “A perception by industry is that disabled citizen’s do not make good/safe employees, our experience over the last two years has shown us that each individual is taking personal responsibility for their safety and they make some of the best employees” New Ventures Inc. trains citizens with disabilities and other employment barriers for successful employment and has been in operation since 1972. They have recently acquired a 131,000 sqft facility in order to expand the training opportunities.

New Ventures has continued to look for innovative ways to address safety concerns. They have rededicated themselves over the past two years to make sure that safety is a priority for each associate and trainee.

“The many hours that New Ventures has worked without an accident are gratifying, but the fact that our workers return home safely to their families each day really measures how safe our employees are at our facility,” said Kelly Anderson, Director of Safety and Quality “Setting an alltime safety record means that our associates are working more safely than they ever have, which is the standard we strive to achieve every day.”