Police Handle Murders, Both Real And Imagined

On Christmas Eve, La-Grange Police became involved in a mental health crisis involving a female at the hospital, who claimed she came to the Emergency Room to investigate the murder of her brother. Fortunately for police detectives, they didn’t have to work a murder on Christmas, as the brother appears to be safe and sound in the Troup County Jail. Unfortunately, things aren’t so good for his sister as she is clearly dealing with some mental issues.

Saturday night, about 7:10 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department were called to the Wellstar West Georgia Medical Center in reference to reports of a female causing a disturbance.

By the time police arrived, the female, whose name is being withheld due to the situation, had been detained by hospital security. Officers arrived and made contact with several security officers, who advised the female was spotted walking around various parking lots of the hospital.

Sensing something was amiss, hospital staff approached the female and she initially told employees that she was an undercover police officer. Security attempted to speak to her about the situation, but she continued to walk away, so they detained her and called police.

Police spoke with the female and she was initially very cooperative. The woman explained that she took a cab to the location because she was coming to look for her brother. She stated her brother had recently been released from Pathways and she believed he came to the hospital.

The female wanted hospital security to allow her to go to the chapel to look for evidence of her brother being there. She also wanted to also review security video to show whether or not he came into the hospital.

Police say while speaking with the female, she changed her story to state that she believes her brother was murdered and she was looking for him.

Hospital security advised police that they had previously spoken to a Troup County Sheriff’s Deputy about the female’s brother and they believe her brother is currently incarcerated.

Police noted that the female was clearly suffering some sort of mental health crisis, so officers asked if she was on any drugs, either illegal or prescription. The female stated she had not taken any illegal drugs, but began listing off several medications that she takes.

She then stated she has been treated for mental health issues in the past, but claimed to have been cleared and that she no longer takes medication, contradicting her previous statements.

Officers pleaded with the female to get her to talk with a doctor, but she refused any treatment.

While police were at the location, hospital security allowed her to walk into the chapel to look around. She was later escorted out of the Emergency Room.

Police say she was escorted out after two visitors walked into the Emergency Room, which caused the female to become paranoid and believe the visitors to be with the federal government. She then made several random comments about the federal government and that she was under investigation for money laundering.

Due to her unwillingness to seek medical attention and no significant criminal activity committed, officers released the female. Officers attempted to get a ride home for the female, but she refused and said she would walk home. She then left from the location without further incident.

Hospital staff advised they would continue to monitor the situation.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer