Santa Visited The LaGrange Nursing And Rehab Center

Last week, several of the nursing and retirement homes had a very special visitor come to through their doors and spread quite a bit of holiday cheer. With Christmas finally upon us, this special visitor is continuing to be very busy this year. Of course, we are talking about Santa Clause, who has been visiting with the elderly recently all across LaGrange. This past Wednesday, December 21, he made one more stop at the La-Grange Nursing and Rehabilitation Center. The faces of the people in the home lit up with sheer excitement as Santa came through the doors, complete with goodie bags in hand to hand out all over the home. People began to line up by the giant Christmas tree in the parlor and have their picture made with Santa. One by one they came up, talking and laughing with one another as Santa handed out his goodie bags to everyone in sight. Santa was the life of the party all afternoon, These visits from Santa have been sponsored by the team at Striffler Hamby Mortuary. The team understands the importance of these visits this time of the year and knows that a lot of time, some of these men and women could be having a rough go. Santa’s visit really and truly puts a smile on their face and brings a few moments of true, unbridled joy that can carry them through a difficult season.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer