Warren Hooks Into A 5-Pound Striper On Christmas Eve

Mark Warren knows every nook and cranny between Newnan and LaGrange.

Warren travels between those two cities weekly. He lives in Newnan, and he fishes in LaGrange. Warren loves West Point Lake for what it is – a large body of water with a ton of fish.

“This is a good lake for fishing. It’s a beautiful lake, and it has some live action. I like catching big fish, and there are plenty of them in here,” said Warren.

He was polishing his passion once more on Christmas Eve. Yes, he was fishing only hours before Santa Claus was set to arrive. It’s all legal and everything. The bearded man signed off on it, as did Warren.

On this fishing trip, Warren caught four stripers, ranging from two pounds to five pounds. Warren used shad for bait. He fished for two hours.

“If you come across them (the stripers), you’re going to catch them. But you have to hunt for them. The stripers will put on a show. You just have to grab them and hold on,” said Warren. “I like the solitude out here.”

Warren also likes the salivating fishing on West Point Lake.

“I come out here after church on Sunday,” said Warren.

He fishes every other possible day that he can, too. For Instance, Warren tried his luck last Thursday and caught 10 stripers, hybrids, largemouth bass and crappie. His string of fish included a 2-pound crappie, a 2-pound largemouth, a 3-pound hybrid and a 5-pound striper, among others.

Warren used minnows for bait that day.

“It was fun, and they put my pole in the water,” said Warren.

Tim Pruitt of LaGrange fished West Point Lake, as did Warren on Christmas Eve. Pruitt tried artificial lures with some luck, as he caught three spotted bass. His best catch was a 3pounder.

“I fish every weekend, and it takes persistence,” said Pruitt.

But fishing is not work. It’s a pleasurable experience on West Point Lake. Bob and Jacob Gardner fished for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve, too. They caught one hybrid and one spotted bass, both of which weighed under three pounds.

“It was great catching fish and enjoying nature. It was peaceful. We saw two bald eagles,” said Bob Gardner.

His son, Jacob Gardner, a 14 year old, enjoyed the nature ride and fishing expedition as well. “This lake has a quantity of fish. It was fun, and it was good to be out there. It wasn’t too windy, and we were anxious to get some strikes,” said Gardner.

He and his dad fished for 2 ½ hours with some luck and some fish. Bob and Jacob Gardner released both of their catches back into West Point Lake.

Rudolph, Donner and Blitzen congratulate them for that.


Chris Fernsler Sports Writer