Wednesday December 28th

Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt. All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• Thursday afternoon about 3:45 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the Home Depot on Lafayette Parkway in reference to Shoplifting.

Police arrived and spoke with the store’s Loss Prevention Officer, who advised he was notified by a cashier that a female, later identified as Lynnette Y Wright, left the location without paying for a Hoover vacuum cleaner, valued at $180, and a set of Allergen air filters, valued at $12.

The Loss Prevention Officer advised he confronted Wright after she placed the items in her Toyota Camry that was parked in the loading zone in front of the store.

Police spoke to Wright, who admitted to stealing the items and stated she had done so because she was going to ship them to a relative in Connecticut. She stated that she wouldn’t have enough money to ship the items if she paid for them, which is why she stole them.

Wright was later determined to have no previous convictions for Shoplifting.

As a result, Wright, age 55, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was booked into the jail and charged with Theft by Shoplifting – Less than $500.

Wright was later released from the Troup County Jail on bond.

• West Point Police responded to an incident of Disorderly Conduct in the 700 block of Third Avenue.

• On December 23 at 9:15 am, Officers were called in reference to a criminally trespassed subject from Walmart. Officers had seen Dusty Sivell inside Wal-Mart and upon arrival, officers made contact with Sivell.

Sivell was standing in the front of the garden department of Walmart with two drinks in his hand. Sivell stated he was waiting on a ride from his girlfriend. He stated he had not been inside Walmart, but had a friend get his drinks for him. Sivell stated he had some friends in the store.

Sivell was banned from Wal-Mart as of October 26 of this year for theft. Sivell told officers he did not know he was still banned from Wal-Mart because he went to court for it already.

Sivell, age 21, was arrested and taken to the Troup County Jail and charged with Criminal Trespassing.

• On December 23 at 10:33 am, Officers responded to the 800 block of New Franklin Road in reference to Dispute. Officers arrived on scene and met with the victim’s sister who stated her sister is being abused by her husband.

Officers spoke with Jasmison Gates who stated he and his live in girlfriend were having a verbal argument about the kids. Officers asked about the scratches on his chest and Gates stated they were from his babies. Gates stated that one of the boys told the other one to shut up and he was telling the boys they are not going to talk like that in his house.

Gates stated that is what started the argument with the victim. Gates stated no one laid hands on anyone. Gates told the officers that he has two kids with the victim, but they are not married and been together for four years. The two scratches were the only visible injuries.

Officers spoke with the victim who said nothing was going on and that they were just having a verbal argument. She was headed out the door to work when this happened. The victim stated no one laid hands on anyone. There were no visible injuries on the victim.

Officers spoke with the son of the victim and the oldest of the children. He stated he told his brother to shut up and that’s when Gates got mad. The son stated his brother started crying and went upstairs. The son told officers he was down stairs when his mom and Gates started arguing. He went upstairs and saw Gates choke and push his mom in the door in his bedroom.

Officers spoke with the other son of the victim who stated that Gates and the victim were arguing. Gates was trying to choke and put his hands in the victim’s face. The other son stated that Gates was also pushing the victim in to the closet door.

• On December 23 at 10:50 am, Officers responded to Ward Street in reference to a recovered stolen vehicle. Upon arrival, Officers met with the victim associated with All-Pro Chevrolet.

According to the victim, he learned a black 2016 GMC Canyon had been stolen from the lot. The victim stated he activated On-Star which located the vehicle via GPS on Ward Street behind an abandoned house inside a wooden fence. Officers asked the victim if the dealership had been burglarized and he stated no.

The victim’s theory was someone who was in the dealership during business hours possibly grabbed the key several days earlier. The victim indicated that at times employees will leave keys sitting on their desks.

Officers walked up to the vehicle and noticed the keys were missing and also noticed scratches on the left rear fender extending into the taillight, the tailgate, and also the right rear fender. The victim pointed out that a couple wheels had been damaged as well as if they struck a concrete curb.

Officers attempted contact at the location on Ward Street but no one answered the door.

This incident is still under investigation.

• On Friday, December 24, at 10:46 pm, officers made contact with Calvin B Mitchell at Vernon Road and West Point Road. The basis for this encounter was due to the fact Mitchell was nearly struck by their patrol car when they turned onto Vernon Road due to the darkness and Mitchell was walking in the middle of the lane attempting to cross the street.

When Officers approached Mitchell, they asked him if it was alright and if they could talk to him for a minute and Mitchell consented. Officers explained that they wanted to check on his wellbeing due to him walking in the street along a poorly lit section. Officers ran his name and date of birth which came back with a warrant for Probation Violation in Muscogee County with the original offense of robbery by sudden snatching and aggravated stalking.

Officers arrested Mitchell, age 27, and transported him to the Troup County Jail.