Cadenhead, Davis, And Jones All Sworn In As County Commissioners

Being chosen to serve in public office is an incredibly high honor and one that a majority of people will never know. It is a long standing tradition of democracy and one of the highest honors that one can receive. However, in the world of America circa 2016, politicians are looked at not as people with honor and good intentions. No, even win the right people win they are sometimes vilified by an entitled millennial generation or ripped to shreds by a biased media. However, that remains on a national level. Here at the local level, Troup County welcomed two new Commissioners to the County, as well as welcoming back a third for another term. All of this happened this past Wednesday morning at the Courthouse and in the County Chambers.

That morning saw Ellis Cadenhead and Lewis Davis both sworn in as new Commissioners as well as Morris Jones being re-sworn in for another term with the Commissioners. All three men took turns standing before the honorable Judge Keeble and taking the oath of office as well as the loyally oath, each receiving claps and cheers from the audience. The courtroom was packed out, with more people attending a swearing-in than anyone could remember. The new Commissioners will assume their full responsibilities effective January 1st and Jones will continue on with his responsibilities as before.

Both Cadenhead and Davis were elected this past May in the round of local elections. Cadenhead will take the place of a retiring Buck Davis, a man that has served as a Commissioner over District 2 for over 20 years. Davis will be taking the place of former Commissioner Tripp Foster for District 3. Jones will be continuing his service in District 4. All three of these men are exceptionally qualified for their positions and have long standing records of serving their community on many different fronts.

In the often crazy and chaotic world in which we live, it is so important to elect good, honest men to serve as leaders on our behalf. These men will do a wonderful job in their positions. What we do know for sure is that these men have the best interests of all the citizens of Troup County at heart and will strive to take care of everyone that they possibly can. The decisions they make will be with the intent to make Troup County the best place possible for everyone in this community and those that make seek to make this their home one day in the future.


Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer