Pine Mountain Church Commits To Collecting 25,000 Pairs Of New Or Slightly Worn Shoes For Developing Nations

It’s hard to believe that an estimated 600 million pairs of shoes go into America’s landfills. The bulk of these shoes can still be broken. The shoes that Harvest Time Outreach Ministries collect will be kept from landfills and will help others in developing countries start micro-businesses that will create a sustainable income for their families and at the same time, raise much needed funds for our team.

Can you collect 25 pairs and help? With many people doing a small thing we can achieve great results. Remember, if you can’t collect 25, every pair counts. Harvest Time Outreach Ministries services are temporarily held at the David H. Aldrich Community Center 412 King Avenue, Pine Mountain, Ga.

For more info or pickup in your area, please call 770873-0124 or email us at harvesttimeom2@