Monday January 16th

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Peking: 1603 Vernon Road, Suite 1200, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 78, Previous Score 91. Health Inspector Comments: Handwashing sink blocked by prep table (New Violation), Raw shell eggs stored above ready to eat foods in wal;l-in cooler (New Violation), Grater, slicer, peeler at prep table had dried on food debris. Used knife stored on magnetic knife strip, strip needs to be cleaned and sanitized (New Violation), No foods anywhere were date marked. Must mark date prepped or opened (New Violation), Build up of grease and debris under and behind all equipment. Ceiling tiles stained from leaks, some missing and damaged (New Violation). Georgia Fried Chicken: 1234 Troup Street, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 100, Previous Score 100. No health inspector comments.

Sunny‚Äôs Place: 1231 Bartley Road, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 89, Previous Score 97. Health Inspector Comments: Employees eating in food prep area (New Violation), Warewashing machine is not dispensing sanitizer. Magnetic knife strip had some particles on it. Can opener had some build up (New Violation), Boxes of food stored on floor in walk in freezer, must be 6′ off floor (New Violation).