Monday January 23rd

Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Irish Bred Pub: 727 3rd Avenue, West Point, GA. Current Score 87, Previous Score 94. Current Score 94. Health Inspector Comments: Salmon out of date, shrimp, coleslaw not date marked. Discarded (New Violation), Employee personal items (coat, purse, etc,) on prep table (New Violation), Cup used as a scoop, scoop handles in product, coffee filters without package protection stored on bare shelf (New Violation), Grease build up on and around fryer. Debris and grease under equipment. Needs cleaning (New Violation), Tile floors cracked, damaged, floors in disrepair. Gaskets broken on freezer. Ceiling tiles damaged or missing (New Violation), Roaches in kitchen (New Violation).

Railroads Coneys & Cones: 709 Third Avenue, West Point. Current Score 93, Previous Score 99. Health Inspector Comments: Drink type cooler having a hard time maintaining temp (New Violation), Open packages in dry storage to be sealed better (New Violation), Can opener had some build up (New Violation).

Riverhouse/Cakes by Debbie: 1201 Second Avenue, West Point. Current Score 96. Previous Score 100. Health Inspector Comments: Missing internal thermometers in several coolers (New Violation) and Need signage for handwashing in restrooms and at handwah sink (New Violation).