Police Handle Mild Mental Health Crisis

LaGrange Police had to forcibly take a local woman to the hospital for a mental health crisis after she became involved with a dispute with her neighbors.

Thursday afternoon about 4:26 p.m., officers with the LaGrange Police Department responded to Handley Street in reference to a dispute between neighbors.

Officers arrived and spoke with both neighbors involved in the dispute and became concerned with one of the subject’s mental status as this was the second time in two days that police were called for the same type incident.

Police spoke with the female and asked her if she was willing to go the hospital for mental health treatment, but refused saying she was fine and did not need treatment.

Initially officers advised that the female was speaking normally at the time and they had not witnessed her threaten anyone, so they told the woman to leave her neighbors alone and not bother them in a way that would cause them to fear for their safety.

Police then left the scene and began to handle other calls. In the meantime, officers made contact with mental health councilors and asked them to check on the female. Officers then returned back to the scene to stand by with the mental health councilor.

Upon walking back up to the residence, the female threw out a glass of water on the front steps as they entered. While the councilor was speaking with the female, she began making statements about causing harm to people from previous incidents in her life. She also advised she was still angry a subject who supposedly poisoned her son and caused him to fail a drug test.

After the female began to get aggressive with the councilor, the decision was made to begin the process to have her admitted for mental health evaluation against her wishes.

The female was then handcuffed and taken to the WellStar West Georgia Medical Center Emergency Room where she was turned over to medical staff.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer