Deputy Hockett Honored By State

Georgia State Representative Randy Nix made a brief stop in LaGrange Monday morning to present a Deputy Michael Hockett with a proclamation referencing his bravery in the January 9 shooting incident where he was shot on routine welfare check.

Representative Nix advised he came to honor Hockett, but reminded the crowd of Sheriff’s Office Officials who came to view the presentation that even though his name is on the proclamation, it could be any of those in attendance.

“You put your life on the line everyday and I certainly appreciate it,” noted Nix.

Nix advised that after hearing of the incident he took to the house floor to explain to his fellow representatives that they need to understand exactly what law enforcement goes through every day. Nix explained that even when law enforcement officers go out to do something good, like a welfare check, they are placing their lives on the line.

After Nix spoke his piece on the Georgia House floor, 180 of the state representatives gave Deputy Hockett a standing ovation for his bravery in the dangerous incident.

Nix followed up by introducing a resolution to officially honor Hockett with a proclamation for his outstanding loyalty to his vocation and the courage he displayed in the incident.

“The thing I want you all to know is we’re here to honor Michael, but where his name appears, I firmly believe that everybody in this department, your name could be filled in there. Because I know that you put your life on the line every day,” said Nix.

Sheriff James Woodruff thanked Representative Nix for the kind words and noted that he agrees that Hockett displayed great courage in the line of duty.

“I’ve said from the beginning that he was very brave, he did everything exactly the way that he was taught, and we’re very proud of him,” advised Woodruff.

Hockett was shot during an incident where a routine welfare check turned into a violent standoff on Jackson Street in West Point. Hockett simply went to the residence to check on an individual, but was met with gunfire from a man exiting the house. Hockett then took cover, but the assailant got in his vehicle to drive closer and continued firing. The deputy then returned fire, wounding the assailant, Matthew Edmondson, who retreated back into the home and barricaded himself inside.

Hockett was shot as well in the process, but he remained on scene until additional help arrived. The standoff ended several hours later that evening and Edmondson was taken into custody.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer