LaGrange College Unveils The Name Of New Science Building

After years of planning, months and months of construction, and a few days of last minute touches, LaGrange College faculty, staff and supporters gathered on Thursday, February 16 to finally unveil the name of their new science building: the Ida Callaway Hudson Lab Sciences Building.

Ida was born on April 18, 1935 to Fuller E. Callaway Jr. and Alice Hand Callaway. Later, she attended Mount Vernon Seminary in Washington, D.C. and Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri. Ida married Charles D. Hudson in 1955, and they had four children – Jane Alice Hudson Craig, Ellen Hudson Harris, Charles D. Hudson Jr. and Ida Hudson Russell.

Ida was a 1976 recipient of the Georgia Association for Children with Learning Disabilities Distinguished Service Award, the Chairman of Charitable Services Company and a former member of the Board of Trustees of Fuller E. Callaway Foundation.

But aside from the college degrees and community titles, Ida was a grandmother who always held a special place in her second oldest grandson’s heart.

Charles (Charlie) Hudson Cauble spoke at the unveiling and shared with the audience Ida’s legacy of love throughout the community. Cauble recalls riding his bicycle to her house, enjoying Braves games with her and watching countless visitors come to spend time with her.

“She had a magnetic personality,” he explained.

“I think about what defined her. Why did people come day in and day out just to spend time with her?

And as I reflect on her, the conclusion I’ve come to… is that she was defined by her humility.”

“She was genuinely humble… when our nature is to be the opposite.”

“If she was alive today, she probably wouldn’t stand for this,” laughed Cauble.

Justifying a reason to broadcast such a humble woman’s name, Cauble quoted renowned scientist Carl Sagan who said, “Modern science is the voyage into the unknown with lessons in humility at every stop.”

The essence of science is one experiment after another, error after error, humility heaped upon humility.

The essence of Ida was always humility, so why not name such a distinguished, remarkable science facility in her honor?

LaGrange College President Dan McAlexander said, “When somebody is so humble they deserve to find some way that they are remembered in posterity by the people whose lives they’ve benefited and by their family and their children and their grandchildren.”

President McAlexander thanked the Callaway Family for not only donating (a lead of $8 million) to the cause, but for having a heart for La-Grange College’s future.

“We would not have been standing here had you not caught the dream and the vision,” he said.

Promise to Prominence: A Comprehensive Campaign for LaGrange College – this is the promising future of a college supported by the legacy of Ida, her Callaway Family, and the generous LaGrange College supporters.


Peyton Hanners Staff Writer