Asbell Goes On A Five-Goal Tirade, Lady Grangers Rock Callaway

Never overlook player No. 6 in the LaGrange High soccer threads.

Maggie Asbell has some ridiculous skills. She has an appetite for scoring. She has a propensity for the dramatic. Asbell, the Lady Granger junior, never gets tired of playing, winning and putting the ball in the back of the net.

Asbell did that a lot on Wednesday night as she went on a five-goal rampage to lead the Lady Grangers to an 8-1 win over Callaway High. Asbell was simply reveling in the rivalry, and she was in constant motion.

Callaway High found no one who could corral No. 6.

“I got in the groove, and I have some speed. Our teamwork was great. We were confident and intense. We know how to play physical,” said Asbell, the Lady Granger midfielder.

Asbell’s most incredible goal of the night came on a corner kick in the first half. She curved the ball into the net from 30 yards away. That one play and score broke the backs of the Lady Cavaliers.

“When you score a goal off a corner kick you know things are clicking,” said LaGrange High head coach Colin Ross.

The Lady Grangers took a 2-0 lead midway through the first half. LaGrange High’s other goal came on a 10-yarder from freshman forward Caroline Thompson with just over 34 minutes left in the opening half.

There would be some more shots at fame for the Lady Grangers. Junior midfielder Eva Hutton would score on a two-yard tap in late in the first half. LaGrange High took a 3-0 lead.

“We worked well and talked well. This is a big deal for us. We wanted it more,” said Hutton.

The Lady Grangers always seemed to be just one pass away from scoring once again. LaGrange High took 32 shots in the soccer rivalry. The Lady Grangers kept the pressure on.

They would hit paydirt again in the first half on a Thompson 16-yard bomb with 2:37 left. LaGrange High headed for higher ground with a 4-0 lead.

“We kept the ball, and we had some combination plays. We had good movement,” said Ross.

Before this night was done the Lady Grangers would also got seven saves from junior goalkeeper Maurie White. LaGrange High played defense, too.

But what the Lady Grangers liked doing even more was putting the ball in the net. Asbell opened the second half with a 12-yard score. LaGrange High was walking in some high cotton with a 5-0 lead.

Callaway High junior forward Kelly Carlisle launched one, too, and she scored on a penalty kick. The Lady Cavaliers closed the LaGrange High lead to 5-1.

“I still have full confidence in this team. We did play hard,” said Callaway High head coach Shonna Yawn. “We had plenty of scoring opportunities. The shots were there.”

The Lady Grangers were still in the vicinity, too. They didn’t leave early. LaGrange High still had some work to do and some goals to score. Asbell, the trend setter and the goal scorer, did the rest.

Asbell finished off the game and the Lady Cavaliers by scoring the last three goals of the match. One of the goals came on a penalty kick. Asbell was also on target in the last 10 minutes with goals from eight yards and two yards.

This was non-stop soccer for LaGrange High, which raised its record to 3-3.

“We played faster, and there was a lot going on. This was organized chaos,” said Lady Grangers assistant coach Andy Fritchley.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer