12-Year-Old Brings Knife To School

Wednesday afternoon, LaGrange Police School Resource Officers working at Gardner Newman Middle School on Shannon Drive were called into the office in reference to a student seen with a weapon.

Police spoke with school administrators, who advised a seventh grade student was seen in the girl’s restroom with a knife. The student had also allegedly stated that if anyone made her mad she would use the knife on them.

The 12-year-old student was then called to the office and confronted about the knife, at which point she pulled a steak knife out of her lunch box.

When asked why she had the knife, the juvenile stated she was at home earlier in the morning and had went to cut a lemon that she was taking to school for her lunch, but she ran out of time and put the lemon along with the knife in her lunch box to take to school.

She stated she took the knife out while she was in homeroom and cut the lemon. She also admitted to taking the knife out while she was in the bathroom.

Officers asked the female if she had threatened to hurt anyone with the knife and she refused to make any further statements.

The child’s mother responded to the school and the student was released to her mother after she was suspended from school.

Police also charged the female with a citation through juvenile court for Carrying a Weapon on School Grounds. The knife was taken and secured into evidence.

No one was reported injured as a result of the incident.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer