County To Discuss Committee On Public Safety

This past Tuesday, February 21 was a big day for the County. That afternoon the County and all three cities convened in Newnan to discuss SPLOST V in a joint meeting. However, it was business as usual that morning at the regular meeting for the County. They discussed many different items on their agenda and one of those items could spawn into something very beneficial concerning public safety.

At the County’s work session this past Friday morning, Sheriff Woodruff approached the County about the possibility of hiring a new deputy to help police the highways here in Georgia. He presented the need for a new deputy and the pricing for said deputy as well. At the meeting on Tuesday, the Commissioners decided to table the vote for this until closer to time to plan for the budget. However, Commissioner Ellis Cadenhead spoke out on the need to form a committee on Public Safety here in the County. The committee could possibly consist of the Sheriff, County Manager Tod Tentler, Sergeant Maurice Raines of the State Patrol, and maybe even others. The County will discuss this further in future work sessions and meetings.

Also that morning the County approved the third amendment to the Town Square TAD agreement. Essentially all this does is move the time line back some years as the project did not get started in the allotted amount of time that was first expected. This is the third amendment to the TAD.

The Commissioners also approved the consideration of a budget amendment for the Correctional Institute that was recently given a grant from the Department of Corrections for $100,000. This will allow inmates to take classes to receive their GED, receiving training in barber’s classes, and receive training in welding. This will give no additional costs to the County.

The Board also approved in the meeting the consideration of Parks and Recreation to allow participation in the 2018 DHR grant application. Parks and Rec has participated in this program since 1999 as it helps fund the Troup Transit program.

The State Court was next as they are receiving a new employee from the County. The current secretary in the Commissioner’s office will move down to the State Court on the second floor to help the public defender’s office. When a new secretary is hired for the County Commissioner’s office with funds from the Coweta Judicial Circuit, that person will have new tasks in the position including managing the County’s new online applications process.

There was only one item under the public hearings section and that item was a rezoning. Specifically, it was a rezoning for a piece of property on New Franklin Road. This was only a first reading and there for not vote eligible. This will be covered again and voted on at the next Commissioner’s meeting.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer