Monday, February 27th

Explorations In Antiquity Center: 130 Gordon Commercial Drive, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 100, Previous Score 100. No Comments from Health Inspector.

Mare Sol: 124B Main Street, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 97, Previous 99. Health Inspector Comments: Open bags of product in dry storage must be sealed, or in a sealed container. Can opener had a little buildup. (New Violation).

Misco: 705 ThirdAvenue, West Point, GA. Current Score 74, Previous Score 95. Health Inspector Comments: Employee observed handling ready to eat foods bare handed, sushi, salad, crab (New Violation), Raw intact shell eggs stored above ready to eat foods in two coolers (New Violation), No clean wiping cloths in sanitizer available or used in kitchen or sushi prep area. Must keep surfaces clean after use (New Violation), and No date marking anywhere (New Violation).

Teriyaki Bistro: 1305 Hogansville Road, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 92, Previous Score 97. Health Inspector Comments: Hand washing sinks not properly stocked (New Violation), Employee did not change gloves and wash hands between tasks of peeling shrimp and cooking. Employee cannot put clean gloves on over dirty ones, must remove gloves and wash hands (New Violation), Do not use bowls or containers as scoops, need handles with handle out of product (New Violation), and to go containers to be stored upside down to prevent contamination of food contact surface (New Violation).