Special Doctors, Nutritionists And Chefs At This Year’s Heart Truth For Women Luncheon

“Be good to your sweet heart…DELICIOUSLY!” was the theme of this year’s Heart Truth for Women Luncheon; WellStar West Georgia Medical Center’s Cardiac Electrophysiologist Narendra Kanaru, M.D. and television’s favorite nutritionist Chef Zonya Foco, R.D. presented the facts and the fun foods involved in proper heart health to hundreds of women gathered at The Callaway Center at West Georgia Technical College on Thursday, February 23.

Before the speakers addressed the audience, the WellStar West Georgia Medical Center’s (WGMC) Cardiovascular Medical Staff took the opportunity to honor James A. Brennan, M.D. for his nearly 40 years of heart health services in the La-Grange medical community.

Brennan served on the Board of Trustees at Well-Star WGMC and also a clinical assistant professor in cardiology at Emory University Hospital. He is the past president of the WGMC Medical Staff and was named WGMC’s Physician of the Year in 2007.

Though everyone agrees that Brennan deserves a happy, relaxing retirement, he will be greatly missed.

Next, Kanuru gave the scientific insight into the proper way of eating that guards the heart from disease. Antioxidants, naturally found in organic, fresh fruits and vegetables, fight against the free electrons in the body that threaten hearth health.

Following Kanuru, Foco took the stage and asked the audience to shout out their favorite foods.


“Ice cream!”


“Chicken tenders!”

But as everyone screamed their favorite food, it was no secret that the fried, grease-coated and sugarfilled favorites aren’t healthy – especially for the heart.

Foco used this opportunity to showcase healthy cooking. From kale salads to proteinpacked beans, Foco flavored healthy greens and vegetables in an undeniably delicious way. Her healthy, heartfriendly recipes for beverages, salads, entrees and desserts were the luncheon’s rave.

Foco also encouraged daily exercise and encouraged women to research their medical risk of heart attack and heart disease.

Check out more of Foco’s recipes for heart health at www.EatRealAmerica.com.

Peyton Hanners Staff Writer