New Brewing Company Hosts Launch Parties

Residents got to get their first real taste of the newest offerings from our new craft brewery in LaGrange during a series of launch parties Friday night.

Wild Leap Brew Company held a launch party pubcrawl of sorts in celebration of releasing their first two craft beers to the local market. The company held events throughout Downtown La-Grange Friday night to promote the release of their new India Pale Ale (IPA) and blonde ale.

Over the course of the night, the brewery held hour-long launch parties at Venucci, Mighty Joe’s Pizza, Mare Sol, Main Street Pub, and closed out the night at Brickhouse Grille on Main Street.

Local residents were able to lift the first pints of beer with founders Anthony Rodriguez and Rob Goldstein, who were on hand with lots of giveaways including: beer koozies, stickers, and custom pint glasses.

Rodriguez and Goldstein unveiled their new IPA, called Chance IPA, which they describe as a “dry, crisp, light and refreshing hybrid style beer” along with their new blonde ale, known as Local Gold.

Most patrons voiced their support for both beers indicating that the beers were good and they would buy them again. Their support was also evidenced by quick sales. Both beers sold out at Mighty Joes Pizza before the party even moved onto the next stop.

LaGrange Mayor Jim Thornton was on hand at Mare Sol to try a pint of the new brews and offered words of encouragement to the new brewery. Thornton also noted that he personally enjoyed the new craft beers.

We are very excited to have any new businesses come to LaGrange, particularly when they can bring tourism aspects into Downtown La-Grange, said Thornton.

People came from as far as Atlanta to sample the new beers and enjoy a night of revelry in celebration of the opening of the new brewery.

Wild Leap Brewery now occupies the former Westbrook Tire Company on Bull Street in Downtown La-Grange. The new brewery team spent years crafting beers at the Red Brick Brewing Company in Atlanta. The founders took their wild leap and move into a new red brick building when they decided to strike out on their own in La-Grange.

For more info and the latest updates from Wild Leap Brewery check out their Facebook page or their website at www.wildleap.com.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer