Youth Angler Catches 4.3-Pound Bass From Shore

She didn’t need a boat or any help from her dad.

All that youth angler Samarrah Norris needed was a couple of minutes and some good old fashioned girl power. The 10-year-old Norris reeled in a 4.3-pound largemouth bass from shore on Sunday afternoon at Highland Marina.

Norris weighed her fish in at the headquarters at the Mike Laster Memorial Bass Fishing Tournament. Norris had one of the largest catches that wasn’t in the tournament.

The girl still got a few rounds of applause. Norris talked about her catch at length afterwards as well.

“I used a pink (plastic) worm, and I cast it as far as I could,” said Norris, a native of Hampton.

Norris didn’t have to wait too long to feel a pull and see a bent over fishing rod. A largemouth bass was there for the taking.

“I just jerked back and reeled him in. I know how to fish. It’s fun catching bass. I can catch as many as I want,” said Norris.

Her dad, Douglas Norris, wasn’t too surprised.

“Samarrah has caught a lot of bass,” said Douglas Norris.

Jon Biles of LaGrange, unlike Norris, did his fishing from a boat last weekend. Biles hooked into the “Big Bass” in the Laster Tournament on West Point Lake. The “Big Bass” weighed 5.15 pounds.

“I got lucky. I was fishing in 15 to 20 feet (of water), and the fish swam toward the boat,” said Biles, who won $370.

Biles and his fishing buddy, Marcus Winston of Opelika, Ala., would go on and catch four bass. Their fish would hit the scales at 8.15 pounds.

“Until the water warmed up we didn’t catch our bigger fish. We were using soft plastics,” said Winston, the LaGrange High graduate.

And according to Biles, “We were throwing everything in the boat.”

But it worked. Mike and Donna Clark of Newnan fished in the tournament, too. They caught a little over eight pounds of fish. Their biggest bass was a 3.7pounder.

“It was tough. The fish weren’t biting (too well), but we did catch seven. We caught most of our bass on (plastic) worms,” said Mike Clark.

He and his wife were fishing in 1 to 10 feet of water. Winding up with some more bass was the fishing team of Mike Squires and Bill Joyce of Newnan. Joyce and Squires tied for third place with 10.27 pounds of bass.

They shared $400 of prize money with the other third place team of Michael Smith and Brandon Croft.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer