School Board Receives Updates On AWIM and ICLE

The Troup County School Board was back again this month with their regularly scheduled caucus and meeting. Fresh of the announcement of the new Teacher of the Year, Kayla Yeargin from Troup High School, the Board returned to approving policies and making decisions in the best interest of students and teachers. They started with adopting the minutes from the previous session, approving the Board Policy JBC(1), and approving the out of state interscholastic activities.

The biggest news, and certainly the most musical, was the new information of the AWIM unit that is being taught in the elementary schools. AWIM, or A World In Motion, is allowing kids to get hands on with experiments and experience learning as opposed to learning solely from a book or a lecture. There were some exceptionally talented 1st graders from Mrs. De-Mooney’s class at Callaway Elementary there that night that demonstrated how the AWIM program worked with musical instruments, as they learned about vibration and pitch. They had even made their own instruments.

Under the Superintendent’s Report, the board started by approving GSBA Legislative Positions for 2018. The board appointed new member Brandon Brooks as a delegate to represent the board at the Delegate Assembly in June. The board also selected the date of Thursday, June 1st to perform their board governance training.

Under the curriculum and instruction report, after the wonderful presentation on AWIM, there was also the approval of the 2017-2018 International Center for Leadership in Education Professional Development. This deals with the new Rigor, Relevance, and Relationship programs in some of our schools to take the material and make it relevant to the student’s lives while also maintaining a rigorous level of education. In the process students and teachers also develop these important relationships which are so desperately needed in today’s world. At the caucus meeting on Monday night, there were three teachers present to speak on how this program has positively impacted their classrooms. The total cost of the program, including the training, executive coaching, model schools conference and visits, summer workshops, WE surveys, instructional practices review, and the district and community development with Dr. Dagget, will be about $899,800. This motion did carry, with only one board member voting against.

Under the human resources report, there were two motions carried. The first was the standard human resources approval of new positions, promotions, tenures, and things of that nature. Also during this section, the board voted to extend the superintendent’s contract, Dr. Cole Pugh, by one year.

After accepting the financial report, the board then approved three different architects for three different projects that are occurring around the school system. The board approved Southern A& E for the renovations at Gardner Newman Middle School, Southern A& E again for the re-roof project at Hollis Hand Elementary School, and Goodwyn, Mills, and Cawood for the new Troup High School Athletic Facility.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer