Commissioners Pass Social Hosting Ordinance

Spring is here and Troup County is continuing to roll right along, with the Commissioners setting forward with more important pieces of business all around the County. The Commissioners have been hard at work as of late, examining various pieces re-evaluating certain ordinances, dealing with safety issues, and preparing for the summer. They hosted their regular meeting this past Tuesday morning, March 21 and handled several items on the agenda.

The main item on the agenda that morning was a discussion on a new Social Hosting Ordinance that would affect only unincorporated Troup County. This deals with parents or adults that allow people under 21 years of age to have access to alcohol. A first offense would bring a $200 fine, a second offense would be a $500 fine, and a third offense would bring about a $1,000 fine and some community service work. There was representative at the last meeting two weeks ago from Twin Cedars, Shannon Lawson, who spoke out for the ordinance on behalf of Twin Cedars. Seeing as this was the second reading of the ordinance, it was vote eligible and the Commissioners did pass this motion.

The Commissioners moved on to the next item, the accepting of a $3,360 CACJ/ CJCC FY’17 Accountability Court State Grant for the DUI/Drug Court. The grant award will be effective on April 1st of this year and will be used for EMDR trauma therapy for the DUI/Drug Court. The Commissioner’s approved this request.

Next, a hiring freeze was lifted for the Parks and Recreation Department for part time/ seasonal workers. One of these positions will be for a receptionist at the active life center and the other will be for a maintenance worker. The motion was carried.

The Fire Department for the County was there that morning for consideration on their request for a budget amendment. This $13,585 amendment would go to equipping one of their current trucks into a brush truck. The commissioners did approve this request.

The LaGrange-Callaway airport had a request for a part time lineman’s position. This was a simple hiring lift that the County approved. Also along the ground of the airport, there was an approval of reimbursable agreement with the FAA. The purpose of this agreement is between the FAA and the sponsor services and associated funding to relocate the runway 31 localizer at the La-Grange-Callaway airport. The sponsor is lengthening the runway by 900 feet, with a total cost of $197,372.48 with a 95% reimbursement.

The Commissioners also approved a motion to change their work session meeting days from Fridays to Thursday mornings in order to give the Commissioners a little more time to review all of the things that will be on the agenda at the Tuesday morning meetings. They did approve this motion.

Under the public hearings section, there were two first readings that were not vote eligible. The first was a rezoning on 5015 Hamilton Road and the other was a special use permit on 3140 West Point Road. Both of these will be discussed further at a future meeting and will be voted on.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer

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