Police Handle Mental Health Disturbance

In just another example of all police have to deal with, it’s not always crooks, robbers, and thieves causing trouble. Sometimes folks begin to have mental health problems and no one is there to take care of them, so police have to be called in.

Early Thursday morning about 6:43 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the 1600 block of Whitesville Street in reference to a subject apparently having mental health issues.

Officers were advised of 911 calls reporting that a male subject was in the area yelling, trying to stop vehicles, and the he was possibly on drugs.

Police then arrived and located the suspect, who was concerned about all the traffic and why all the people were in his mind, leaving town. Officers noted that traffic was very heavy at the time due to people going to work in the multiple manufacturing plants in the area.

The subject then stated he was not on any drugs, but acknowledged that he was aware that he was very paranoid.

The male stated he was waiting on his brother to pick him up for work, but then repeatedly picked out random persons in the area saying they were his brother. First he claimed an unknown male across the street was his brother, then another random male who pulled up nearby in a Ram pickup truck was supposedly his brother. Neither male was actually the subject’s brother.

Police asked the male what type of vehicle his brother drives, but he stated he didn’t know, saying he has several cars.

Officers say that throughout the contact, the subject kept asking for something to drink, so they gave him a bottle of water, but he kept spitting out the water.

It quickly became apparent that the subject was having mental health issues, so they explained to him that he was not under arrest, but they were going to take him to the hospital to be checked out.

The subject was then transported to the West Georgia Medical Center Officer for evaluation.

While walking inside, the male then spotted a nurse walking across the parking lot and claimed that he was also his brother.

The male later asked police if they would call his brother and provided two phone numbers. Officers called both numbers, but couldn’t get anyone. The hospital also provided a number for a former girlfriend of his from two years prior, but that number also yielded negative results.

The unnamed subject was then left in the care of doctors at the hospital.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer