Lafayette Christian School Hosts Annual Fundraiser For Alaska Mission Trip

Lafayette Christian School has always gone above and beyond to help spread the word of God to everyone in this community and beyond. Each year, many of the students travel to Alaska for a special mission trip and this year they will be continuing that legacy again. This past Saturday, March 25, the students returned to Mike Patton where to put on their car wash for the community.

The LCS carwash was a huge success. When the suds and soap cleared, they washed 125 cars in four hours, officially washing more cars than last year. This is a great accomplishment for a group of dedicated students. They raised a total of $719 in donations in those four hours. Mike Patton, with a very generous offer, donated $10 for every car washed, brining this year’s grand total to $1,969 for the day. This event was incredibly successful for a four hour time frame.

The team at LCS has participated in this mission trip going on five years now. The location in Anchorage has a park where people who leave their children for the day while they go out to fish and make money for the family. The team for LCS and Grace Work will be at the park ministering to all of those in need. This is LCS’s fifth trip in total and their fourth time partnering with Grace Works.

The goal for each student is still $1,500 per person. Many of the students are near their target profit to afford the trip, still hosting some private fundraisers on their own. The deadline for donations this year will be on May 19, so anyone looking to donate to this awesome cause please make sure to do so by mid May.

Every teacher or student involved with Lafayette in any capacity is always so kind and friendly, dedicating on spreading the word of God all across the world. We wish them safe travels and great times on their trip to the cold banks of Alaska. This trip has become tradition and let us all hope that the tradition continues for a long, long time.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer