Mayor And Council Take A Tour Of The Downtown Hotel

With so many happenings in LaGrange and Troup County, there are scarcely moments to take it all in. However, in life you find yourself in rare opportunities to be a part of some really neat and interesting things. Such was the case this past Tuesday morning, March 28 when Mayor Jim Thornton and members of the LaGrange City Council were treated to a walkthrough of the downtown Courtyard by Marriott Hotel that is currently being constructed on the Square, the site of the old Mansour’s Department store.

Early that morning, the Mayor and Council dawned their hard hat and bright orange vests before entering the construction site. Project Manager Adam Marona of Ra-Lin headed the tour up, revealing some really cool facts about what the hotel will contain and also some information as to when it will open. Without being able to give a specific as far as time to opening day, Marona did say that the project is ahead of schedule and is still planning on opening this year.

The tour began on the first floor, outlining what will eventually become the lobby and computer work spaces.

He showed of the areas that will contain two separate conference rooms. The first and smallest of these will be able to hold between 30 to 40 people. The largest of the conference room areas is roughly double the size of this, measuring in at about 1158 square feet. In addition, the first floor supplied a great look at the construction off the parking deck. The deck, which is being brought in pieces and constructed, will provide 200 free parking places for the downtown area.

Moving up into the second, third, and fourth floors, Marona went over specific details of each room. Every room in the Courtyard by Marriot will be the exact same size. A slight few of the rooms will have connecting doorways but the individual rooms are all the same size. This is the newest model of this particular kind of hotel, with updated bathroom feature. These new bathrooms feature all of the shelving and things of that nature being built into the walls like cubbies. The showers will be walk ins with glass doors. It is the upmost in luxury and comfort. In addition, the views from the hotel offer a great look at downtown LaGrange. From one window you can even see the Callaway Clock Tower and off in the distance, the great construction crane currently working at Great Wolf Lodge.

The Mayor and Council had an incredible look into this project and were a part of some major history that is being developed in La-Grange and Troup County. The downtown hotel has been a project that has been needed for so many years and is finally coming to life before our very eyes. The Mayor and Council are continuing their commitment to downtown as well as the City at large, with major developments and happenings all across the board. There has never been a better time to make LaGrange your home, as they are quickly becoming one of the premier communities in Georgia.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer