Commissioners Honor Many Long Time Employees

The Troup County Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting this past Tuesday, April 4th where they dealt with various pieces of business. The commissioners have recently moved their work sessions from Friday mornings to Thursday mornings, giving them one extra day to cover and study what they will be voting on a the next agenda. This particular meeting was a special one, as the county was able to honor many employees for the fourth quarter awards of 2016.

Several employees were honored that morning for their many years of service to the County. Those that were honored included the following: William Brown, Deputy Sheriff, Sheriff’s Office, Five Years, Jacob Monteith, Firefighter/ EMT, Fire Department, Five Years, Matthew Boswell, Investigator, Sheriff’s Office, Ten Years, Christopher Brown, Mechanic, Shop, Ten Years, Fannette Davidson, E-911 Call Taker, Ten Years, Rodney Evans, Firefighter/EMT, Fire Department, Ten Years, Anthony Hixon, Detention Officer, Sheriff’s Office/Jail, Ten Years, Kristi Morton, Sr. Tag/Tax Specialist, Tax Commissioner, Ten Years, and Cheryl Spencer, Sergeant, Sheriff Office/Jail, Ten Years. James Sewell, Correctional Officer, TCCI, Fifteen Years and Kelli Ellington, Lieutenant, Sheriff’s Office, Twenty Years.

One of the employees that were honored, Gail Foster, the legal secretary for the Public Defender’s Office, received her twenty-five years of service recognition. The County had the following to say on her behalf: “Gail began her career work in State Court as a Court Clerk in 1991. Gail transferred to the Sheriff’s Department in 1995. During her tenure at the Sheriff’s Department, Gail started out as Administrative Secretary and was promoted three times to Administrative Assistant in 1995, Administrative Assistant/ Payroll Administrator in 2005, and Administrative Supervisor/ Payroll Administrator in 2009. Gail transferred to the Correctional Institution as Business Administrator in 2012 and the Board of Commissioners as Administrative Assistant in 2013. Gail is currently serving in judicial administration as a legal secretary for the State Court Public Defender’s Office.

Gail has one of the most outgoing personalities and is great working with the public. She always has a smile on her face and is always willing to help with any task or job as needed. Her dedication of 25 years to Troup County and her experience in many different departments encompasses a wealth of knowledge that comes only with experience. Gail we thank you for your hard work and dedication to Troup County.”

The Commissioners had two other agenda items to handle under special business. The first was a request to apply for the 2017-2018 Juvenile Justice Incentive Grant. The request was to apply for the grant and also for permission to accept the grant if it was awarded. The funds would provide evidence based programming for juveniles on probation in Troup County. The Commissioners also dealt with lifting a hiring freeze for elections and registration, as one of their employees has resigned. Both of these items were approved.

There were three items under public hearings, one of which has been in discussion for quite a while. That issue is a rezoning of a property at the 5000 block of Hamilton Road. The applicant was requesting a rezoning from agricultural land to general commercial so that he could place and operate a funeral home. This request was met with much scrutiny, sighting some issues from law enforcement, neighbor’s complaints, and recommendations for denial by the planning and zoning board. The applicant was there two speaking in favor of, but two of the neighbors from that area were there to speak in opposition. After to hearing all of the many issues that a business of that nature would present for that particular area, the commissioners denied the request.

Also under this section, there was a motion carried for a special use permit for a property on West Point Road to operate as a tower and wrecker service. This business already has an auto repair business license and will now offer this additional service. Lastly, the commissioners approved some updates to the Troup County Code of Ordinances Chapter 38, a section that deals with floods and flood prevention damage.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer