Job Seeker Makes Odd Choice Trying to Land Employment

A man tried to get a job at a local supermarket, but he had a strange way of proving he would be a good employee.

Thursday night about 7:36 p.m., officers with the La-Grange Police responded to the Food Depot supermarket on Hogansville Road in reference to Criminal Trespass.

Officers arrived and made contact with the store manager, who stated that a man had come into the store and began causing a disturbance.

The manager explained that the male, whose name is being withheld due to likely mental issues, had come into the store several weeks prior and applied for a job. The disturbance occurred after the same male returned to the store, ostensibly to purchase some dish soap.

The manager stated that while the male was waiting in line to purchase the item, he became agitated and began talking to himself. The male then poured the dish soap on the floor.

The subject was then confronted by management about making a mess, so he asked for a mop to clean up the spill and began rambling about how great of an employee he could be.

After management refused to give him a mop, the subject then began arguing with another employee and threatened to “mop the floor with his face.” Management then contacted 911 to get police to help deal with the unwanted subject.

Police then spoke with the male, who claimed he was waiting in line to purchase some dish soap when the store began to deliberately hold up the checkout.

Police say that the subject then began rambling about him being some type of star or celebrity. He then complained about how the store was refusing to hire him, because he is a mental health patient.

The subject then admitted that he deliberately poured the dish soap on the floor, but stated he was willing to clean it up with a mop and to pay for the item. He then began rambling about causing messes in other people’s homes and being rewarded for cleaning up the mess.

Multiple witnesses at the scene gave the same account as the manager.

The employee acknowledged that the male did make a comment about mopping the floor with his face, but he stated didn’t want to press charges because he didn’t really feel threatened during the incident. The male was then issued a Criminal Trespass Warning banning him from the store at the manager’s request. He was then told to leave the property and advised of the consequences if he returns to Food Depot.

The subject was not criminally charged with the incident.

Tommy Murphy Staff Writer