Easter Bunny And Quackers Take Over The Downtown Square

Easter finally hatched this past weekend, bringing with it fun and excitement for the whole family. Easter is a special time of the year where friends and family come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ and all around the world, people come together for many different festivities. This past Saturday, April 15, the downtown square here in LaGrange got its own little dose of Easter as the Easter Bunny and Quackers the duck came out to take pictures with kids and families from all over the community.

That afternoon around one, the scene at the square was a fun, crowded, and festive one. There was a line wrapped around the fountain of the Marquis de Lafayette with kids and their parents waiting patiently in line for their turn to have their picture taken with the Easter Bunny and Quackers. The little ones were so excited, with many of them dressed in their best Easter suits and dresses, to climb up into the lap of these beloved figures and have their pictures taken, many of them opting for the all too popular selfie. In the background, other children ran and played around the square, tagging one another and hiding behind the bushes. For one moment, it was everything that was right and good in the world, and it was right here in LaGrange.

Easter is one of the most popular days of the year, not so much for the Easter Bunny or the hunting of eggs, but because of the love of Christ that he gave his life for us and three days later, he rose from the dead giving hope and the joy of freedom to the world. Still, the tradition of the Easter Bunny remains a fun past time for kids all around the world. The tradition of the Easter Bunny was started in the mid 17th century by the German’s, specifically by the Lutheran’s, the same sect of Protestant Christianity that was founded by Martin Luther and his reformation in 1517. The Easter Bunny or Hare judged whether or not the children had behaved that year and depending on his findings, the good children were gifted colorful eggs full of candy.

We are very fortunate here in LaGrange that we have those that year in and out host these events, with a specific thanks to the Downtown Development Authority for sponsoring the Easter Bunny on the square. This is a wonderful tradition for families all over the community and to see the smile on the faces of the children is truly worth it. The Easter Bunny, and all of his tradition, is very generous to come and spend time with us each year, and to even bring Quackers along with him. Let’s hope they keep coming back year after year.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer