Goal-Oriented: Lady Grangers Clock Columbus Kendrick, 10-0

Whenever possible, LaGrange High puts the hammer down.

It is just the Lady Granger way. LaGrange High brought all of its soccer tools to the ball yard once again on Monday night. The Lady Grangers nailed down another impressive win in a 100 trouncing against Columbus Kendrick at Callaway Stadium.

LaGrange High played a complete soccer game from one end of the field to the other.

“We came out and knew this was going to be easy. We were prepared to win. We were in shape. We didn’t get tired,” said Lady Granger senior defender Maddie Patton.

She and LaGrange High brought some soccer swagger to the stadium.

“We’re getting our minds right,” said Patton. “We had most of the possessions.”

The Lady Grangers were shooting straight as an arrow as well. LaGrange High unloaded on the Lady Cherokees with 22 shots-ongoal. Kendrick had no shotson- goal.

“We had a good passing game. We got in the midfield. We had a strong attack, and we just wanted it,” said La-Grange High senior defender Hannah Asbell.

Both she and Patton got involved in the Lady Granger offense. Asbell scored two goals in the first half, including a 22-yarder with 2.1 seconds left.

“That was a lucky shot,” said Asbell.

Not really. The Lady Grangers had good fortune the entire first half. But good luck usually follows the talented teams. Patton also drilled the ball for an 18-yard goal in the first half.

There was just one half of soccer in this game. La-Grange High “mercy ruled” Kendrick. The Lady Grangers scored 10 goals in one half of play. Kendrick was bigger, but LaGrange High was faster.

The Lady Cherokees were also playing with just nine girls. A total of 16 Lady Grangers received playing time in the match.

“We were using our speed to our advantage. We were blowing by them. We have a lot of (soccer) skills,” said LaGrange High assistant coach Andy Fritchley.

Freshman forward Caroline Thompson led the Lady Grangers with three goals. Lunden Keith and Hannah Asbell were among three girls who had two goals each for LaGrange High.

Junior midfielder Maggie Asbell had two more goals for the Lady Grangers. Patton rifled through a goal as well. The Lady Grangers played some unselfish soccer, too.

LaGrange High dazzled Kendrick with some fancy footwork and five assists. Doing the assisting and the dishing were Lady Grangers Izzy Pippin, Abby Mazzolini, Patton, and Hannah and Maggie Asbell.

The Lady Grangers improved their record to 12-31. Columbus Kendrick tumbled to 3-8-1.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer