Shellcrackers, Bass Are Plentiful; Noles Catches, Releases 35 On Easter

LaGrange fisherman Greg Noles didn’t spend Sunday looking for Easter eggs.

He didn’t mow his lawn, and he certainly didn’t watch any reruns of the Brady Bunch on TV. What Noles did was go down to his nearest fishing hole and drop in his line.

Noles caught more than hard boiled eggs and marshmallow candy on West Point Lake. On Easter Sunday, Noles caught fish from the mid-morning to the late afternoon. He made no less than 35 catches using everything from live worms to artificial lures.

On this day, Noles gave his tackle box a workout. He caught fish and then caught some more.

“I got on a shellcracker bed, and I was having fun. I was fishing in two feet of water. West Point isn’t a bad lake. I was getting a little breeze, and I had a good day of fishing,” said Noles.

He fished for six hours, and he caught 25 shellcrackers and 10 largemouth and spotted bass. His best two catches were a 6-pound largemouth bass and a 3pound largemouth.

The bass were caught on lures. The shellcrackers were taken on live worms. The shellcrackers weighed just under a pound each.

“I’ve been fishing every day except for two days since last Sunday. I’m retired, and I like getting on the lake and watching the wildlife (the turkeys, the deer, the owls and the foxes),” said Noles. He was catching fish, too. None of his fish made it to the freezer or the frying pan. Noles let all of his fish go on West Point Lake.

“I want to let someone else catch them,” said Noles.

Dave Farmer of Newnan had a good Easter on the lake, too. Farmer caught four largemouth bass, ranging from two pounds to 4.5 pounds.

“I also missed a big one (around eight pounds). I had him on, but then he made a turn. And I lost him. The fishing was good, and the weather was gorgeous,” said Farmer, who caught all of his bass on artificial lures.

Farmer hooked up all of his fish in three to five feet of water.

“I caught them in the shallows. The fish gave me a nice, steady bite. The water temperature is getting steady, too, (at 71 degrees),” said Farmer.

He also caught an 8-pound striper last Tuesday on a lure on West Point Lake.

According to Farmer, “He hit like a freight train.

Frank Williams knows the feeling. He outfought a 2-pound catfish on Sunday afternoon on the lake. Williams fished from shore with live bait. He caught the catfish in seven feet of water.

Williams also caught six bream and one spotted bass. All of the fish were caught with live worms. Williams is 71 years young.

“Fishing is my pastime. It’s my hobby. I just sit here and wait,”Williams said from his folding chair. “Some time during the day the fish are going to bite. Fishing is quiet and peaceful.”

Just a little further down on the fishing bank was good buddy Mitchell Dixon. He is a 70-year-old angler, and he feels like a teenager. At least when he is fishing, waiting and catching, he feels like a kid.

Dixon was doing some more catching on Easter Sunday. He caught five bream and one spotted bass, the latter of which weighed around 1.5 pounds.

“They gave me a good fight and a good pull. The bream are sweet tasting, and I like to fry them. You can always tell a bream by the way it zigzags,” said Dixon.

He never gets tired of seeing his fishing pole put to the full stress test, either by bass or bream.

“They do try to get away,” said Dixon.

But that seldom happened to this fisherman on Easter Sunday.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer