Troup County School System Implementing School Bus Security Cameras To Protect Students Entering And Exiting Buses

LaGrange, Ga., April 24, 2017 – On Friday, representatives from the Sheriff’s Office, Georgia State Patrol, and Troup County School System (TCSS) Transportation department gathered at the bus shop to showcase new security cameras designed to protect students as they enter and exit school buses.

Thanks to Gatekeeper Systems, Inc., and the partnership between local law enforcement and TCSS, cameras were installed free of charge. Currently, 10 school buses are outfitted with the new security cameras.

This exterior high definition camera system will capture illegal stop arm passing. “When the stop arm is out, all traffic needs to stop,” said Dr. Jeff Turner, TCSS’s Transportation Director. “In Troup County, there are a few areas where there are high incidences of illegal passing, so we want to get that down to zero as quickly as possible.”

The system will capture video and actual photographs of cars passing the stop arm when the stop arm is out. The video is then reviewed by a deputy to determine if the passing is deemed a citation. Gatekeeper Systems will handle the background work with ordering the citations and collecting the fees for the offense.

In Georgia, the law states that the first passing offense is a $300 fine, second offense is $750, and third offense is $1,000.

Turner continued, “Our main focus is the safety of students and to eliminate any illegal passing. Last year, we did a one day survey test and we had 78 illegal passing’s county-wide. Some areas were heavier than others and it is those we will focus on first.”

The camera has the capabilities to view out to four lanes. For example, on New Franklin Road, it will capture traffic on the opposite side of the road. Sheriff James Woodruff added, “The only time motorists don’t have to stop is if there is a grass median or a concrete barrier. Other than that, every motorist has to stop. If Troup County citizens have any questions about proper school bus stopping rules, they can contact our office or the school system.”

To learn more about Troup County School System, visit troup.org and the Troup County School System Facebook page.