Troup County School System Congratulates Georgia Scholar From Callaway High

LaGrange, Ga., April 24, 2017 – Last week at the monthly meeting of the Board of Education, Troup County School System (TCSS) recognized over 50 seniors for various honors such as Valedictorian, Salutatorian, Star Student, and Distinguished Honor graduates. One student was recognized in several of these categories, and was also honored as a 2017 Georgia Scholar – Grace Summers.

A senior at Callaway High, she is planning to major in engineering when she heads to college. As drum major of the school’s marching band, she was also named the school’s Star Student and Valedictorian.

This year, The Georgia Department of Education Georgia Scholar’s program identified 180 graduating seniors from schools across Georgia. To be granted this honor, a student must have achieved excellence in school life, community activities, and in the home. Summers is the only student from Troup County who was recognized with this honor. Georgia Scholars are students who: Performed excellently in all courses, Carried exemplary course loads during the four years of high school, Assumed active roles in extracurricular activities sponsored by their schools, and Successfully participated in interscholastic events at their schools and in their communities.

“This is a great honor for Grace, Callaway, and TCSS. She has been an outstanding student academically and has assumed leadership roles that help push her to excel,” said Jonathan Laney, Principal of Callaway High. “I wish her the best in her future education and career endeavors.”

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