Troup High Draws Huge Crowd For Donkey Basketball

After weeks of smack talk and preparation, the showdown of the century was finally upon us this past Tuesday night, April 25 at Troup High School. For weeks up until the night of the game, members of Team Frailey and Team Medders had been taunting one another through heated and hilarious Facebook attack videos. Now with all of the smoke cleared and Tuesday night’s game upon us, only one team could leave victorious.

The gym at Troup High School was packed to the brim at 7 that night with people trying to get a glimpse at the star donkeys, and maybe even some of the players as well. Before getting into the details of the game, there were some fun games that took place with the donkeys that night. The first was a donkey race to the other end of the court where riders would have to make their donkeys eat popcorn and then ride them back to the finish line. All of the popcorn that the donkeys didn’t eat had to be eaten by the riders, even though I’m pretty sure that none of the competitors followed that rule. There was also a blindfolded diaper donkey challenge. Fortunately none of the competitors were harmed or experienced any “accidents” during this competition.

As far as the game itself, if one has not experienced donkey basketball in person then there are truly no words to describe the experience. It could quite possibly be the funniest thing to watch on planet earth. These grown men and women attempted to drag these donkeys from one end of the court to the other, much to the protest of the donkeys. Then, they had to mount the donkey in an attempt to shoot a basket. However, the donkey did not go for this either, often times bucking the riders off. It was absolutely hilarious to watch and had the entire gym in stitches.

All in all, the Troup Alumni Association raised about $3,400 to use towards their upcoming projects. The most prevalent project coming up will be their scholarship recipient and upcoming teacher appreciation sometime in the coming few months. This was a fun happening that led to a truly great cause of helping fund the various charitable projects of the THS Alumni Association. There will certainly be more to come from the association in the coming weeks and months.

Jeremy Andrews Staff Writer