Moore Is A Workout Warrior For Yin, Troup County Sharks

By definition, Kate Moore is a sprinter.

She is also a prime time swimmer with all kinds of ability. Moore has the protruding shoulders, the streamlined body, the smooth strokes and the winning work habits.

Moore is not lazy. She goes to the Troup County Sharks practices even when she doesn’t want to. Moore is eager to learn and to train. The 15-year-old girl doesn’t yet know everything about swimming.

That is why she keeps going back for more workouts and additional pain. No pain, no gain. Moore swam another 3,000 yards at the Wednesday afternoon Sharks practice at the Mike Daniel Recreation Center in La-Grange.

“You have to keep training. I want to get better. I’ve been doing a lot of IMs (individual medleys),” said Moore. “I am getting intense. I just keep going.”

She does that, three to four workouts per week.

“Kate is very athletic and agile. She is head and shoulders above everyone else. She gets after it, and her body language is good. Her backstroke and IMs are getting better,” said Sharks head coach William Yin.

Moore is a teenaged role model in the pool and on the pool deck. She confides and helps other Sharks swimmers. And then she resumes her lengthy and tiring practice.

“I try my best. I don’t quit, and I think I’m getting faster,” said Moore. “My rotations are good.”

There is not one stroke that Moore is not proficient at. She works at it with every practice. This is one swimmer who is on time and cutting seconds.

Moore has been timed at 25.08 seconds in the 50-yard freestyle. She is also on the clock at 57.08 seconds in the 100 freestyle. Moore tends to be a blur in the 100yard breaststroke as well.

She has been timed at 1:17 in that event.

“Kate is determined, and she is fast,” said Yin.

Kate Moore wants to improve with each swim and every meet. That is why she doesn’t miss one yard at the Sharks workouts. Moore swims hard. She listens to her coach, and she expects to improve with each swim down the pool.

Moore is a workout warrior, and first place is her goal.

Chris Fernsler Sports Writer