Health Department Restaurant Inspections Report

Captain D’s #3754: 104 Commerce Avenue, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 96, Previous Score 98. Health Inspector Comments: Walk-in cooler having difficulty maintaining 41 degrees or below (New Violation) and Floor tiles broken or missing, grout in poor repair. Buildup on ceiling and walls. Drain plug missing from dumpster (New Violation).

Gus’s Grill: 110 Greenville Street, LaGrange, GA. Current Score 95, Previous Score 99. Health Inspector Comments: ServSafe has expired (New Violation) and Stove burners have some buildup, gaskets on cooler needs replacing, need hot water in guest bathroom (New Violation).

Kim’s Korean Restaurant: 906 Avenue E, West Point, GA. Current Score 88, Previous Score 96. Health Inspector Comments: Handwash sink blocked by dishes and equipment. Must have soap and paper towels at all of them (New Violation), Must wash, rinse and sanitize in the whole sink, do not use small tubs (New Violation), and No dates on any of the foods (New Violation).