Fishing_.It’s Family

This past Saturday, May 13th the South Georgia Division of Fishers of Men (FOM) hosted its 5th and last regular season tournament at West Point Lake. FOM is a national tournament trail that has between 35-40 divisions around the country. Each division has 5 tournaments in their local area. Teams who participate in the 5 division tournaments are eligible to qualify for the district competition and then national competition. The district competition will be held at West Point Lake in November of 2017.

FOM offers its teams the opportunity to share their love of the sport and faith with their families. Part of the money raised through the tournament supports a Friday night banquet that is offered to the anglers and their families participating in the local event. The banquet is a special time of fellowship and features an inspirational speaker who provides his or her faith filled testimony.

The FOM South Georgia Division has been organized and run by Danny East and his family for well over the past decade. Each member of his family has a special role in the competition, further demonstrating how fishing is a wonderful sport that brings families together! It was evident throughout the weigh-in that these anglers and their families had been a part of this competition for quite some time as the fishing stories – both past and present – kept pouring in and providing endless entertainment for the spectators.

This past weekend there were 29 teams competing in three different categories: total weight, biggest fish and bonus points. One team outshined the rest and scored a super grand slam by winning all three categories and taking home $2,577.50. Hats off to Charlie Williams of LaGrange and Michael Smith of Luthersiville. When asked about the secret to their success on the lake Saturday, they gave all the credit to a child’s “glowing toy” found in the corner of the boat and used to lure in the big fish!

Pat McCrackin of Blakely and Randy Watford of Dothan took second with total winnings of $734.50. Third place went to Steve Steward of Donalsonville and Johnny Creel of Jakin who won $490.00. Fourth place wassecured byBuddyWhitley of LaGrange and Greg Noles of LaGrange in the amount of $254 and the fifth place award totaled $174.00, won by Bryan Asay of Newnan and Chris Blair of Newnan.

Congratulations to all those who were able to be a part of this family focused competition. For all those interested in being a part of the Fishers of Men national trail, you can visit their website at www.fomntt. com and follow them on Facebook.