Deputies Find Loads of Cash Hidden in Van Seats

Troup County Sheriff’s Deputies have seized a massive amount of suspected drug money after finding the cash hidden in a van during a traffic stop.

The whole incident started late Tuesday night about 10:50 p.m., when Sgt. Nathan Taylor of the Troup County Sheriff’s Office spotted a newer model Ford passenger van traveling south bound on Interstate 85 around mile marker 3 with no tail lights. The vehicle was traveling on its daytime running lights, so Taylor performed a traffic stop on the vehicle to let the driver know to turn on the full headlights, so the taillights would activate.

While speaking with the driver and passenger, Taylor observed suspicious indicators of possible criminal activity. Due to this suspicious behavior, deputies asked the driver for consent to search the vehicle, which was given.

The vehicle was then searched by multiple deputies for possible illegal narcotics.

During the search, deputies eventually located numerous bundles of cash hidden within the seats of the van. Deputies say the suspects had apparently removed the cushioning for the seats within the rear of the van and replaced it with the many bundles of cash.

Deputies also used a K9 during the search and the drug dog gave indications of an odor of illegal drugs on the cash. No actual illegal narcotics were located within the vehicle.

A total of approximately $678,000 in cash was found hidden in the vehicle.

The suspects, both reportedly from Texas, were later taken to the Troup County Jail for further interviews.

Authorities have not yet identified the suspects and this incident is still under active investigation. So far no charges have been filed on either the driver or passenger.

The two are assumed to have been taking the money back to Texas.

Due to the ongoing investigation, deputies have not said whether the suspects claimed the money or if they were even aware of it.

The money is strongly suspected as being involved with illegal drug activity, so criminal asset forfeiture procedures have been initiated.