Jadarius Young Receives a Scholarship To Point University

When Jadarius ‘JD’ Young talks, you can tell he is grateful for his friends, family, and the relationships he has built from elementary school until now. He speaks proudly when asked about his family. He thanks them for where he is today.

He says, “They have supported me in so many ways. I am glad they have a lot of patience with me and push me to achieve the goals I have set for myself. My mom played a big part in getting me where I need to be. ”

It looks like the gentle pushes helped move him along. In August, JD will begin his studies at Point University as a criminal justice major. He will also minor in biblical studies. He has many Pastor’s in his life that he looks up to and he wants to study about the bible and see if that path is right for him.

After four years of playing linebacker for the Grangers, he received a scholarship to Point and will continue to play football. When he is not on the field, he volunteers with youth groups at church and Camp Viola.

Coach Dialeo Burkes is a standout mentor for him. “I have a lot of teachers that stand out to me, but Coach Burkes has been there for me. His mindset is to always keep going, always push yourself. I can go and talk to him about anything. He has been a good role model to me and I can talk to him about anything.”

Having played all three linebacker positions, middle linebacker is tapped as his favorite. And he cannot remember a time when he was not on the field. “It’s something about playing in blue and white…it’s something about that star…when you put it on (the football jersey), it’s something about being a Granger that makes you want to stay.”

For any freshman coming into high school, JD says, “Your freshman year is your most important year. If you mess up in your freshman year then you have to work extra hard to get the credits you need to graduate or get a scholarship. Take your freshman year seriously.”