Troup County Tries Three Cases in One Week with Multiple Convictions

The Coweta Judicial Circuit here in Troup County has always been a standard bearer when it comes to law and justice in our community. This year, they have kicked into an even higher gear, trying cases at a very quick pace. Coming off the heels of last month’s United Way conviction, the District Attorney’s Office once entered a trial week and, for only the second time this year, tried three cases all in the span of one week.

The first of these three casessawthetrialofHumphrey Semo end with a conviction. Semo was arrested for two counts of homicide by vehicle, serious injury by vehicle, possession of a schedule one controlled substance and reckless driving. In May of 2015, Semo was involved in a collision when he went the wrong way on Interstate 185. There were four people in the other vehicle, two of which were killed in the accident. After the back and forth between the State and the Defense, Semo was found guilty on all charges. He was sentenced to 45 years to serve 40 years in prison.

The second trial this week was the trial of Latrell Harper. Back in October of 2016, Harper was found guilty on a murder case, a case in which he was charged with and found guilty of felony murder, aggravated assault, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and possession of a firearm by a first offender probationer. He was sentenced to life in prison. This week he returned to court for an additional possession charge as he was found to have marijuana on his person when being transported to jail. However, Harper was found not guilty of this charge, saving a significant amount of years from being added to his earlier conviction.

The last case that was tried this week was Tony Burden. Burden was accused of assaulting an inmate and was formally charged with aggravated assault, three counts of participation in a criminal street gang, and battery. After being found guilty, he was sentenced to 20 years to serve in prison.

The DistrictAttorney’s Office here in LaGrange, along with the State Public Defenders, are doing large, copious amounts of work to keep the wheels of justice turning here in our community. Many of their cases have been pushed on through, with teams doing an incredible amount of work over the past couple of months. With the cycle continuing to grow and justice being served, Troup County will continue to be a p