Truck Driver Escapes Wreck Unscathed

A delivery driver is lucky to be alive after running his truck off a steep embankment on New Franklin Road Thursday afternoon.

The accident occurred about 12:45 p.m. across from the Walmart on New Franklin Road during standard lunch hour traffic.

The flatbed truck was carrying a small load of rolled insulation going northbound on U.S. Highway 27 when a small black Kia passenger vehicle allegedly pulled out in front of the truck from out of the Walmart area.

The driver stated that his truck clipped the Kia and as he swerved right and ended up running off the right side of the roadway in to the embankment near Farmers Home Furniture. He stated the whole thing happened so quick that he was unable to prevent running off the roadway and that he turned right to avoid hitting other vehicles.

The driver stated he slammed on his brakes, but the momentum from the heavy truck carried him into the ravine.

The driver of the black Kia did not stop for the accident and witnesses did not report getting a tag number for the vehicle.

Officers investigating the accident stated they are uncertain if the truck actually struck the other vehicle.

Due to the other driver not remaining on scene, police only had the truck driver’s word that the other vehicle caused the accident, so he is unlikely to be charged for the accident.

Officials from the La-Grange Fire Department noted that the truck driver was fortunate that the vehicle didn’t overturn when going down the steep embankment.

The truck driver did not report any injuries.