City Hosts First Meeting on Proposed Skateboard Park

The City of LaGrange, for all of the growth it is already experiencing, is continuing to grow in amazing and unexpected ways. Between the industrial expansion, the retail options, the restaurant industry, and everything in-between, perhaps some of the most noticeable growth can be seen in the downtown revitalization. With the Sweetland Amphitheater, the ongoing Courtyard by Marriot, and the coming soon Wild Leap Brewery, downtown LaGrange has never looked better. However, this past Wednesday night, May 24th, a new group held there first meeting to discuss another big happening in the downtown, that being the purposed skateboard park that could be making its way into town very soon.

That nights meeting was an exceptionally hands on event, with skateboarders of all ages, some with their parents, coming to the meeting and getting hands on with the proposed project. City Planner Leigh Threadgill and her whole team, including the designers from Stantec, took extra care to make sure that the park will have input from the skateboarding community here in town. There were models and maps for those in attendance to place small models of the types of things that they would like to see at the new park. There was also a board with many of these types of amenities that they attendees could go and make marks next to their favorite options.

After the options were looked at and surveyed, the ideas seem to be leaning more towards a skate plaza than a park. What this means is that the local skateboarding community wishes to follow the trend in the skate world, a trend that is coming away from big bowls and drops, things of that nature, into a more all around wheel friendly type of attraction. This is a park with flatter surfaces, more things to grind on, and a space that is more readily accessible for many forms of four or two wheel fun.

This new terrain style skate park would be centrally located near the District 4 Public Health building and the currently under construction Wild Leap Brewery at the old Westbrook Tire building. The park will be up and on the other side of the road from the Habitat for Humanity Restore. The location could really be a huge draw for not only skateboards but also families and children in general. A draw like that, especially right near the heart of downtown, is a no brainer and a site that will bring visitors from far and wide to the city.

For more information on this proposed skate park and to also leave your own feedback on the project, please visit https://mysidewalk. com/organizations/29375/l a-grange-skate-plaza.