Troup High Graduation

Troup High School said goodbye to its 2017 Graduating Class in a packed and rowdy Callaway Stadium Friday night. The more than 270 graduating seniors were by far the largest high school graduating class in Troup County this year.

The seniors celebrated their four years at Troup High School with a victory lap across the stage to receive their well earned diplomas, led by class valedictorian Kiara Thompston and salutatorian Kelsey Luke.

Luke provided the first commencement address, recalling class highlights all the way back from middle school. She noted that their class spirit and support for THS was second to none, but only because they did it together.

“We support each other. The Class of 2017 is like a giant family that I am so lucky to have been a part of.”

Luke challenged the class to be their best selves, no matter what path they choose to take, whether going to college, starting a career, or joining the military.

“I want this class to unapologetically do the things that they want to do. I want you to go after your dreams, even if you are the only one that believes in them,” said Luke, “Most importantly, I want each of you to live your life, being the best ‘you’ that you can be in everything that you do.”

Class valedictorian Kiara Thompston provided the second commencement address and challenge to the class of 2017.

Thompson advised she had to move around a bit before landing at Troup High and she immediately knew it was different. Troup’s welcoming environment made high school much better than her previous schools.

She shared some of the things she learned while at Troup because as she noted, “You don’t just learn the quadratic formula or how to write a paper. You learn how to become a person.”

Thompson provided some advice for outgoing seniors and incoming freshmen. She reminded them than they are going to go through tough times and mistakes are going to be made, but it’s only really a mistake if one doesn’t learn from it.

Thompson said goodbye to the Class of 2017 and thanked her parents before receiving her diploma and walking off with her classmates into the night.

Troup County News congratulates the Troup High Class of 2017! For information on the LaGrange High Graduation please check out the Friday’s edition.


Tommy Murphy Staff Writer