First and Second Finish a Strong Season in Girls Softball

While not officially Summer, Friday evening brought with it both the heat of the sun and two teams that have been “on fire” all season long. Maximum Effort and the Diamondbacks, number one and two in girls softball ages 11 – 13 played their final game at 6 PM on Friday evening at the Shuford Field. Both teams worked hard all season to get to this point and it was evident during the game that they had earned their victories!

Bubba, head coach for the Diamondbacks, is very proud of his team as he shared with us that he has been coaching many of these girls for the past 4 to 5 years and will watch a number of them move up to junior varsity next year – including his daughter, Hanna. It was evident that Bubba has been a devoted coach to this team. “What warms my heart is to see them have fun. To see their faces light up when they do something good and help pick them up when they do something bad.” Why did the Diamondbacks have a great season? According to Bubba “these girls like one another – they love one another – and they fit together because of this.”

Equally as proud was the head coach for Maximum Effort, Pete Thrillkill. When asked what was key to the undefeated season, he told us that “they came into the season relaxed, they felt confident and believed in each other to where they instilled trust in each other. That is a big deal on a girls’ softball team.” Another key was that they players helped each other play better. “They all supported each other.” Rather than competing against each other, the team spirit was “let’s all grow together!”

Maximum Effort held on to their undefeated season with a final score of 8 to 0. The teams both played incredible offence and defense. Both #7 Mya of the Diamondbacks and #22 Amber of Maximum Effort pitched great games. The win was ultimately the result of a few key hits by Maximum Effort. In the first inning, #29 Macee hit a home run, bringing in two other runs making the score 3 to 0, Maximum Effort. This was followed by a double from #26 Lindsey that brought in two more runs. Jerrica, #23 also batted in #7 Dood with a single and the last run was scored by #8 Kayden off a hit by #7 Dood.

After the game, the girls and the coaches congratulated each other and exchanged warm handshakes and hugs. Then both teams formed a circle and locked arms and #26 Lindsey of Maximum Effort delivered a powerful prayer for her fellow softball players, showing that the love the girls have for each other extends far beyond the color of their jersey.

We congratulate all of the players, coaches and parents for this amazing season!