Bargain Hunt Bringing Deals To LaGrange

It seems as if though here lately in LaGrange and Troup County, there are businesses popping up all over the place. The large movement in retail, industrial, and commercial development here in the community has spurred on the success and expansion of small local business as well. This is the backbone of the economy and as such, it is a promising sign to see all of this happening in and around LaGrange. One such business has made its way to our community, that being Bargain Hunters, located here locally at 303 Commerce Avenue.

Bargain Hunt is a collection of over 73 stores spread out all across the South that offers exceptional products at exceptional prices. This is a store where you can find name brand, high quality merchandise at affordable prices. Even more so, there is an atmosphere about shopping at a Bargain Hunt. The feeling of shopping in such a place as this is a feeling of a locally owned, home grown store where everyone is having a good time and the unique selection of products is always changing. Not only that, but there selection includes a large variety of items including some groceries, clothes, shoes, furniture, toys, and even more. This is an incredible place to shop and find the merchandise you want for your home at the right price.

This past Friday morning, June 9th, Bargain Hunt officially opened its doors here in LaGrange. Even from early on that morning, the store was filled with customers from all over the community looking at the merchandise and finding deals for their homes. This is the kind of store that a community wants to see. It is a business and a model that is on the rise and not the decline. Bargain Hunt will hopefully find great success in the community and provide products and services for us all for many, many years to come.