Traffic Stop Passenger Ends Up Getting Arrested by Trying to Avoid Arrest

LaGrange Police recently arrested a female on very minor charges, but they wouldn’t have done so if she had not tried her best to avoid being arrested for a warrant she didn’t even have. They may not have even spoken to her had she not gotten out of a car as a passenger during a completely unrelated minor traffic stop.

On June 12, officers with the LaGrange Police Department were in the area of Lafayette Parkway near South Davis Road when they spotted a black Mitsubishi Galant with an expired temporary tag.

A traffic stop was then conducted and officers began speaking with the driver about the tag violation. While doing so, a female got out of the passenger seat and exited the vehicle. Officer say they female had been sliding down in the seat and moving around a lot while they were speaking to the driver, so they asked the woman for her name.

The female then claimed to be Jemima Stuart and gave a date of birth later determined to be false. Officers were unable to confirm this via police records, so police asked her to repeat her name and birth date again. The female did so, but changed her birth date to have a different month and year. She then quickly caught herself and said the same year she had previously given, but didn’t notice she gave the wrong month.

Police were unable to find anything on the name she provided, so officers detained her until her identity could be confirmed.

During the investigation, the female had a strong odor of alcohol on her breath and she admitted to having been drinking. Police then found a half-empty bottle of Royal Club whiskey in her purse. The female then admitted having been drinking from the bottle.

The woman claiming to be Jemima Stuart was then transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was finger printed to prove her identity. While at the jail, the female admitted that her real name of Vanessa Moffett and gave her correct date of birth.

Moffett stated she was out on bond for a previous incident and stated she thought she had a warrant, so she gave the false name.

As a result, Moffett, age 30, was booked into the Troup County Jail charged with Obstruction of Officers and Open Container.

Moffett has since been released on bond.