Husband, Wife Team Up For “Big Bass” Weighing 4.7 Pounds


Two is always better than one when it comes to bass fishing.

Just ask the husband and wife fishing team of Sean and Kathy Capes. They not only won the American Bass Anglers Couples Series on Sunday on West Point Lake, the Capes fishing duo also caught and released the “Big Fish” of the tournament.

The two anglers from Sharpsburg used a little teamwork and a lot of expertise in taking the “Big Bass” of the fishing tourney with a mid-morning catch. It all happened so fast, and the Capes did get up to speed with their 4.7pound largemouth bass.

“We caught the fish on a crankbait, and it just about took the rod out of my hand. I knew it was a good fish, and I told my wife to get the net,” said Sean Capes.

He and Kathy Capes caught seven bass on Father’s Day. And this husband and wife team had a first place total of 6.71 pounds of bass.

“You just need time and energy (on the water),” said Sean Capes.

Another husband and wife fishing team – Billy and Jerri Beam of Stockbridge – had a pretty solid day of catching, too. The Beam fishing twosome finished second in the tournament with 5.18 pounds of catches.

The Beams took several different approaches to catching bass on this partly cloudy, sometimes sunny day on the lake.

“We caught them on the bank and in 12 feet of water. We were persistent, and the fishing was hard,” said Billy Beam.

His wife got her hands on some bass, too. There was fellowship and some down time for the Beams. This was not all about catching fish.

“We were enjoying spending time together. This was a fun competition, and it was not high pressure,” said Jerri Beam.

And as her husband said, “The fishing is good here (on West Point Lake). When it gets hot you have to go deep.”

Tracy and Tara Burnsed of Eden (close to Savannah) tried that and a few other fishing particulars on Father’s Day. The Burnseds weighed in two spotted bass, and they let four other fish go out on the lake.

“We just tried to compete,” said Tracy Burnsed. “It was rainy and windy, and the sun would pop out every 15 minutes.”

And the Burnseds still caught bass.