Police & Sheriff’s Reports

The individuals listed have been cited/arrested/charged in Troup County. However, this is not an admission of guilt.All parties are considered innocent until proved guilty.

• Friday evening about 5:34 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the CB& T bank branch on Broad Street in reference to a forgery.

Officers arrived and spoke to a teller, who reported that a female entered the bank attempting to cash a check made out to her for $280. The bank double checked the signature of the check to make sure it matched the account holder, but the signature did not match. The teller then called account holder, who advised they were not familiar with the person cashing the check and they had never made out that check to her.

In the meantime, while the bank was verifying the check, the female who initially tried to cash the check entered a taxicab and left the area. The female left the check and her identification behind at the bank counter, which were taken into evidence.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Friday evening about 6 p.m., LaGrange Police were on patrol in the area of Mc-Call Street when officers observed an illegally parked vehicle with multiple occupants.

As police approached the vehicle to address the issue, officers observed both the passenger and driver leaning over the center console rolling what appeared to be a marijuana joint.

Officers then immediately made contact and detained the occupants. Police were then able to further confirm the item was what they believed to be a marijuana cigarette. The vehicle also had a strong odor of marijuana.

Police later asked the passenger, Shonte Marilyn Rose Boggs, if she had anything illegal on her person and she handed over the remainder of the marijuana, which she pulled out of her bra.

Boggs later admitted all the marijuana in the vehicle was hers. She stated that the other occupants had no involvement in obtaining or using the marijuana.

As a result, Boggs, age 21, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was booked into the jail charged with Possession of Marijuana – Less than an Ounce.

Boggs was later released from the Troup County Jail on bond.

• Friday night about 10:27 p.m., LaGrange Police responded to the 300 block of Dixie Street in reference to Criminal Damage to Property.

Police arrived and spoke with the complainant, who stated that Brittany Lark had slashed the two rear tires on his Toyota Camry. Officers had just been on scene at the same location less than an hour earlier advising the complainant about warrant procedures against Lark for her alleged theft of the car keys to same vehicle.

Officers noted that the first time they were at the location, the tires were undamaged and inflated. The second time police arrived, the fires were flat and appeared to have punctures on the sides.

No further damage was observed on the vehicle, but the owner did have the vehicle towed from the scene as it was no longer drivable and he couldn’t leave it at this residence for fear of more damage being done to it.

As a result, Lark, age 30, was arrested and transported to the Troup County Sheriff’s Office where she was booked into the jail charged with Criminal Damage to Property.

Lark was later released from the Troup County Jail on bond.

• Saturday morning about 1:03 a.m., LaGrange Police responded to the 1000 block of Stonewall Street in reference to shots fired at a residence.

Officers arrived and spoke with the female complainant, who stated she had been inside the residence when she heard what sounded like someone trying to get in the residence through a locked back door by jiggling the handle. She stated she then heard a loud bang on the door, as though someone had kicked it. The female advised she also thought she heard a gunshot, but was unsure.

Police then walked around the residence and came upon another subject who advised he also lived at the residence. He stated he had come outside looking in the back alley to see if he could see anyone, who may have tried to enter the home. This resident stated he was in the bathroom at the time of the incident and did not actually hear the disturbance.

Officers canvassed the area and spoke to neighbors, who stated they had not heard any gunshots, nor did they hear any other disturbance. All of the nearby neighbors advised they were confident they would have heard gunshots if there had been any.

Police inspected the house for any signs of damage or bullet holes, but they did not find any damage, nor any shell casings.

This incident is still under investigation.

• Saturday morning about 1:06 a.m., LaGrange Police performed a traffic stop in the area of Vernon Road on a red Mazda 626 for a tag light violation.

Upon making contact with the occupants, officers determined one of the passengers, Jeral Manard Boyd, was wanted for Failure to Appear.

After officers gave the driver a written warning for the tag light, Boyd was removed from the vehicle and advised of the warrant.

Officers then attempted to take Boyd into custody, grabbing hold of his right arm. Police say Boyd then began pushing into officers. The arresting officer then attempted to force Boyd back, at which point he allegedly reached with his other hand and grabbed the officer’s right forearm to stop him from pushing any further.

The officer then attempted to use a free hand to call for help via radio, but Boyd allegedly reached over and grabbed him before he was able to get the call out.

Boyd then threw the officer off of him and fled on foot, headed east along Vernon Street. Officers gave chase, but eventually lost Boyd in a backyard in the 1300 block of Vernon Street. Officers later returned to the stopped vehicle and both other occupants stated they did not know why Boyd fled from police.

Officers were unable to locate Boyd, so warrants were issued for his arrest for Simple Battery on a Police Officer and Obstruction of Officers.

This incident is still under investigation.