Tures Takes On Soccer Camp One Drill At A Time

Zach Tures is a soccer original.

He is all about learning, winning and competing. And no, he does not know it all. That is why he is laboring, drilling and hustling this week at the Geeter Panther Soccer Camp at LaGrange College.

Tures plays the game with a chip on his shoulders and a smile on his face. He is totally engaged and always is on the soccer field.

Especially the LaGrange College soccer pitch. This is a game and a camp like no other for the 9-year-old Tures.

“I really like soccer, and this is cool stuff. I try my best. I scrimmage, and I get to play the real game,” said Tures.

And that game is soccer with all the jostling, bumping and high-flying collisions. Tures loves the drills, and he is learning all about strategy and going full speed.

“Soccer is a good pastime like air conditioning,” said Tures.

Persia Stargill is getting in the thick of the five-day soccer camp this week, too. Stargill is 10 years old, and she plays this game with high energy. She wants something very basic out of the Geeter Panther Soccer Camp.

“I want to learn more. You have to keep the ball near you,” said Stargill, who is improving daily at the camp.

And how is she doing that?

“I listen to the coaches (like Jeff Geeter). I go side-to-side, and I try to get the ball into the goal,” said Stargill, who played for the Storm last season in the LaGrange Recreation League. Stargill is a rising star on the soccer pitch, but so is 10-year-old Jordan Stringer. Last season, Stringer played for the Youth League Raiders. But this week he is playing for the Geeter Panther Soccer Camp.

It’s fun and games and, of course, work.

“We’re going to practice. We’re doing drills and skills. We’re making new friends. I do have some speed (for this game),” said Stringer.

The soccer camp at La-Grange College is bringing out the best in Stringer, Stargill and Tures. The camp is serving its purpose for the 27th straight year.