County Approves Millage Rate for FY 17-18

The Troup County Board of Commissioners returned to their Chambers this past Tuesday morning, June 20th to handle various different pieces of business. With the budget now taken care of, the phases of public hearings continued that morning with the third hearing over the 2017 proposed millage rate. The millage rate will once again remain the same as it has been at 11.31 for the County.

The first order of business for the morning was the There were several items awarding of the 2017-2018 Property and Causality Bid. In recent weeks the commissioners have heard presentations from two different local agencies about policies for the County for the next year. After the meeting two weeks ago where both agencies made their case, the bid was finally awarded to Hutchinson Traylor who will now cover the County’s insurance over the next year. Traylor is the returning insurance provider for the County.

of business to take care of from the Parks and Rec department that dealt with bringing on some new positions.

There was a request to lift the hiring freeze for a part time van driver as well as a request to lift a hiring freeze to replace the part time position for a Site Manager at the West Point Active Life Center. There was also permission granted for the Parks and Rec department to pursue a contract with New Ventures for a little over $30,000 for renovations at Pyne Road Park. This is general maintenance for the park. All of these motions carried.

The Sheriff’s Office was there that morning to make a request for a work detail detention officer for West Point.

This budget adjustment comes from the County and will be of no cost as the city of West Point has agreed to pay for the officer’s salary. This motion carried.

Next up, there was consideration of integration of two departments, those being the shop and convenience centers. The convenience centers have always operated under the Roads department.

This combination will allow the centers to be open more and provide a greater service to the citizens of the C ounty.

The plan is for the centers to now be open five days a week, Tuesday through Saturday.

These unmanned sites will have video surveillance. The motion carried.

The next item on the agenda was discussion on the employee severance packages.

This deals with the amount of pay that employees have in comparison to the amount of time that they have worked. This will be a contract that the employees sign prior to getting paid. This is an effort to make sure that no one loses any funds during this time of transition in the County, especially with the closing of the CL This motion also carried.

The last item of special business that morning before the public hearings was the consideration of changes to the meeting schedule. The July 4th meeting will be moved to July 11th and the June 29th work session will be cancelled. This allows the County to work around the 4th of July schedule.

Under Public Hearings, there were two rezoning matters that were dealt with. The first rezoning was dealing with a piece of property on 98 Old Airport Road from Single Family Medium Density (SFMD) to General Commercial. The property is soon to be listed for sale. The other rezoning was a piece of property on Jones and Bartley Road for a residential subdivision. There is potential for around 49 lots at this location. There was also a request for a Manufactured Home Placement located on 86 Swanson Drive.

There were a few more items of business under public hearings, including a special use permit for Agp-Toureim at Sims and Bailey Roads.

This would be for the applicant to operate a farmer’s market and hayride business. There was also a consideration of a text amendment for the sign ordinance revisions. All of these items, with the exception of the millage rate, were first readings and not eligible for a vote that morning.